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Duel Otters version 2.0 is the biggest update ever released in November 2019, in fact it is an entire game reworked from the ground up since the game's introduction back in 2014.

I have been through life that prevents me from fully committing to the game, I hope it worth the wait. My original objective still stays true : I want to make a really solid household 2-player party game. Everything in this new version solidify that vision for the future to come.

All scenes, all mini-games. I made the entire game again from the start following old trails but with a revised architecture. The old version was built with too many old technologies and that prevents me to maintain and add more contents. I decided I don't want to work on top of my old mess anymore for the better future of Duel Otters. I have fixed all my previous mistakes, absolutely no legacy code was left behind anymore. Along with this rework, I added many groundworks and backbones that all required a walkthrough of the entire game (explained next!). It wasn't a simple upgrade so this is why it took so long for this version. Here are improvements thanks to this :


Massively improved device compatibility

  • All games now looks great on phones with longer screen. Previously, any device shaped longer than 16:9 ratio had too many side area cutted off. Games like Baseball or Cookie are especially difficult to play. The phones are now longer in this era, and all games now adapted to them properly.
  • All games gained cutout/notched phone compatibility, and I mean no black bars, it's all full screen! Previously, games like Hockey, Baseball, Chilli, or even tutorial text of all games are near-unusable because the game didn't take account of the screen cutout. (And especially that this is a two-player game, which one player must be on the cutout side!) I am proud to present that Duel Otters will be among the first same-device party game to be ready for the cutout, displaying properly and maintaing good experience on both sides!
  • Game selector screen completely redesigned because it was impossible to try getting the old one to be responsive to the devices. (Plus it looked really cool now!)
  • Images in the game looks better overall but with smaller size. App size reduced.
  • Fonts are overhauled and now looks crisp on all screen sizes. More importantly, allowing more localization to the world very soon. Thank you for supporting me so far even though your languages weren't available before. It means a lot to me seeing the game being covered online from many places of the world.

Here's what it was previously..


Character switch for all game modes

You can now switch characters for ALL games. Finally the lower side could play as the green otter! No more arguing with your girlfriend/boyfriend!


Chilli collectible item added

Now you automatically gain "Chilli" every time you play the game (Even in Two Players Mode). It could be used to unlock additional contents later. Amount of Chilli gained may partly relative to your performance, but generally you always get a bit of them no matter what you do.


Two new games added : Fruits and Warship

It's been ages since the last expansion game Pulley and Pinball added. Fruits is a very simple (you basically just touch the fruit) but high skill ceiling game once played with an other human. Warship is Duel Otter's first 3D game, and while it looks like a cannon-spamming game at first it contains a layer of strategy and mind games. Please try them!

New play style "Arcade Mode" added

This is a mode where you will see a different version of games that's now suitable for single player, score attacking style play. Therefore you could enjoy it even if your friend is not here to play two-player with you yet. There is a local scoreboard, so you can borrow your friend's device and put your name in his device to irritate him. In the future, an online scoreboard is planned which connects both iOS and Android players together.


  • Garden : It's a place where you could wind down and relax. There is not much at the moment, but check back often in each version!
  • You can replay cleared Training challenge to farm bonus Chilli.
  • The minigame "Chilli" is renamed to "Restaurant". The minigame "Fortress" is renamed to "Repel".
  • New music composed for various screens.
  • If you won the game with a perfect score, an indicator will be shown at result screen for an additional shame for your opponent. (Available on games where it is possible.)
  • Hidden scoring option for two-player mode "Event Mode" added : select Two Players mode, then hold down the Endless Party scoring option for a bit to activate. It's almost like Endless Party except there is no match score at all. Useful for organizing your own house rules, how multiple players take turns playing the game in parties, for live streaming, for example.

Full 6 months of my life spent for this update are dedicated to you. Thank you, everyone. Enjoy the game!

Best regards,

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